This site is a good place for those who like sailing, travelling under sails.

Initially this project was targeted to russian speaking audience. In the future it might get the english/french versions either — who knows.

Dear guests of this site, your posts and comments in English or in French are welcome. But you have to consider the following.

To make the comment for any post does not require registration on this site. Just fill your name (nick), email address, captha in the appropriate fields.

To make your own post require registration on this site.

This site is politically neutral all politically coloured posts and comments will be blocked.

Usage of slang and unprintable words and expressions in the posts and comments is not acceptable and will be blocked.

Please do not put advertisement (hidden either) into your posts and comments.
Otherwise I’ll have to remove your comments.

The content of this site is copyright.

You can send me email there: sz@sail4ever.com

site admin.

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